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This year’s Holiday social drew a crowd of nearly 100 mountain bikers and guests in celebration and merriment. BAMBA gear was flying off the shelves, new members were standing in line to sign up, the appetizers were delicious, and the speeches… well, just enough (Great job Fred) to truly thank all of the people and organizations that contributed to the success of our major accomplishment this year. Here’s a quick recap once more worth mentioning:

Achieved IMBA Bronze Level Ride Center Status
Thank you,
Go Greater Reading, Crystal Seitz
Berks Nature, Kim Murphy
City of Reading, Carol Snyder

New and Improved Antietam Trails
Thank you,
Berks County Parks, Brendan Lederer and Chris Stress

New Fire Road Gates on Mt. Penn
Thank You,
Reading Muhlenburg Career & Technology Center, Students and Dan Millan
City of Reading, Ron Cooling

BAMBA Kids Events
Thank You,
John & Theresa Pacharis
Berks County Parks – Becky Richards
Blue Marsh Lake – Hallie Groff

The New A-Line Gravity Trail on Mt. Penn
Thank You, all the dedicated hard working volunteers too numerous to mention, including Dane Clay, Jeremy Hartman, Matt Shirk, Bill Fox, and Fred Heinly.

The New BAMBA Parking lot
Thank You,
Stackhouse Bensinger Inc., Aristides Otero,
City of Reading, Dave Ruyak
Lyons & Hohl Inc., Mike Hohl

And Let’s not forget The Canal Street Pub for hosting our event.

A-Line News
The construction phase of the A-Line Gravity Trail project has been completed. A-Line begins at the south end of the Fire Tower lot on Skyline Drive, and ends on Angora Road at the island just above Egelman Park. The excellent fill that was graciously provided by Mike Hohl was the icing on the cake, and provides riders of all skill level almost ¾ mile of fun and flow – not to mention the dozen or so jump features, rollers, and berms. The trail is still being ‘ridden-in’ and is being evaluated for signage placement. So if you ride, remember to:
INSPECT the trail features before use
CHECK mechanicals, breaks, skewers, headset
WEAR helmets, glasses, gloves, pads
RIDE within your skill level
MOVE to the side if you stop on the trail

… and thank the guys who dedicated their time and resources to make this all happen.

Blue Marsh Project Completed
The Culvert Rework Project at Mile Maker 21.5 just South of Old Church road has been completed. BAMBA volunteers dug up the old culvert pipe under the trail and installed a new larger pipe, installed water bars, and hauled riprap and gravel to place around newly dug drainage ditches and the rerouted trail. The Army Corp of Engineer Rangers reported back that the new drainage system is working perfectly, and that they are highly appreciative of BAMBA’s efforts.

Mineral Spring Park Clean-Up, Again
BAMBA volunteers returned to Mineral Spring Park on December 12th to continue the clean up project that was started in October. Despite the humble turnout, the event was a success thanks to the accompaniment of The City of Reading’s “Monster” chipper truck and support crew. The Gravity Trail from the East End A/C, to just past the stone bridge was picked clean, raked, and leaf blown. It might have been just the time of day, or the afternoon sun, but while walking back down to the East Ends House, the trail seemed to have a glow to it.

This was a banner year for us having earned our IMBA Ride Center Status, and completing numerous projects that not only enhanced our local ridding experience but contributed to improving our community. It was good to see a line up for new membership, and with that we welcome all new members and hope to ride with you soon.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and hit the trails

The BAMBA Board
Jay Drasher
Tom Durofchalk
Mike Jocsak
Christin Kelly
Fred Moreadith
Mitch Raczy
Cliff Reis
Pat Shields

Recognized Once More
News from the Executive Office of the Mayor of Reading

Reading, PA – November 18, 2015 – The City of Reading is proud to announce that it has been awarded the national designation of Bike Friendly Community at the Bronze level by the League of American Bicyclists. Reading joins State College, Franklin, York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia as the only municipalities in Pennsylvania to achieve official designation by the League for their efforts to become bike friendly.

According to the League, “simple steps to make bicycling safe and comfortable pay huge dividends in civic, community and economic development. Given the opportunity to ride, residents enjoy dramatic health benefits, reduced congestion, increased property values and more money in their pockets to spend in the local economy. When your community welcomes bicycling, tourism booms, businesses attract the best and the brightest, and governments save big on parking costs while cutting their carbon emissions.”

“This latest achievement was the result of so many partners working together towards a common vision,” explained Eron Lloyd, who submitted the application and serves as the City’s bike and pedestrian coordinator.

“As our third attempt in seeking the designation, the recent successes of establishing the Reading Bike Hub, BAMBA's achievement of International Ride Center status for the Greater Reading Trails System, our Complete Streets policy, the Reading 120 race, and Bicycle Friendly Business status for the Reading Eagle and Penske Racing Shocks all helped to push us over the top this time.

East End A/C Membership
The old whitewashed stone building that you ride by on your way from Neversink Mountain to Mount Penn is the home of the East End Athletic Club. Once a popular hotel in the early 1800’s, this friendly little establishment stands as a sentinel for Mineral Springs Park, and literally keeps the light burning in the park. The folks at the EE A/C are thrilled that BAMBA shares a common interest in maintaining the park, and welcome us with open arms to join their club. For a nominal membership fee, mountain bikers can make a pit stop, enjoy a beer or burger, and socialize with some fun folks - All essential components of an excellent ride. So next time you ride by, stop in and see Tim or Gary and sign up - Or at least smile and wave.

[International Hunter Education Association:]
All fall small game, turkey, bear and deer hunters during the regular firearm deer season, and special archery deer season hunters during any portion of the archery season that coincides with the general small game or turkey seasons, must wear at least 250 square inches of hunter orange material on the head, chest and back combined. Spring turkey hunters must wear a minimum of 100 square inches of hunter orange on the head or back and chest while moving from one location to another. Groundhog hunters must wear 100 square inches of hunter orange on the head. All required hunter orange must be visible in a 360 degree arc. (Exceptions waterfowl, mourning dove, crow, flintlock deer season and archery season hunters except as specified.)

Plan your next bike adventures from the new Mt. Penn Trail Head Parking Lot Enjoy the trails of Mt. Penn even more now that there is a new conveinent trail head parking facility located right in the center of the action. The 15 car lot is just below the intersection of Angora and List roads, adjacent to the entrance to Camp Lily, and is open to all recreational users.

Schuykill River Trail is the BEST
USA TODAY 10BEST.com rates the SRT as the #1 urban trail in the USA. Check it out. New SRT maps are now available at select trail heads

Active BAMBA Projects

Maintaining Trail Quality:

  • Trail Managers evaluate erosion sensitive trails on Mt. Penn, and hang postings advising riders to avoid these areas until the trails are healthy enough to accept bikes traffic.
  • Rebuild the A-Line Gravity Trail on Mt. Penn
  • members conduct trail maintenance and embrace stewardship of Mt. Penn and Neversink Mountain. THANKS FOR ALL HARD WORK!

Mt. Penn Trail Mapping

BAMBA is in progress with a major trail mapping project in an effort to promote the bounty and variety of mountain biking on Mt. Penn. The project scope includes:

  • Define the seven riding zones bounded by the roads on Mt. Penn
  • Document the MTB trails in each of the zones, including identifying the start and end, and noting the unique features, and skill rating. Also, naming the trails
  • Fabricate and install trail signage, and road markers to identify trail entrences
  • Erect trail head kiosks displaying a comprehensive trail map and guide
  • Make pocket map brochures available for riders to use on the trail.

Mapping efforts are progressing nicely with many thanks to the good folks of the DVOA (Delaware Valley Orienteering Association) for providing us with some excellent base data.

Duryea Downhill Race

  • BAMBA is in discussions with the City of Reading in how to make the 2016 Duryea Downhill event better than ever.

Hand Cycle Access

  • BAMBA is continuing discussions in pursuit of widening the Klapperthal bridges on Nevershink Mountain. This popular location is ideal for persons confined to hand cycles, strollers, or wheelchairs to get outside and enjoy this most scenic trail.

2015 BAMBA Goals / Projects / Events

- Work towards improving the overall Trail Experience in Greater Reading to help maintain the prestigious IMBA Bronze Level Ride Center Status.

- Promote From Where We Stand (FWWS) Video to Politicians, Land Managers,
     Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau, etc.

- Trail Head Kiosks: An important component towards IMBA Ride Center® designation.

- Thun Trail completion through RACC property.

- Reading is working with BAMBA on a new Parking Area near Camp Lily/Rotary Park and Fire Road Gate Replacements

- IMBA Mapping Project: BAMBA member Stephan Kincaid leading effort to electronically map local trails - http://www.mtbproject.com/

- Down Hill Trail Committee: A Line Rebuild. Proposal submitted to City of Reading

- IMBA Trail Building Grants - Apply for Grants in 2015 and beyond

-Birdsboro Reservoir Trails Project
     Proposed joint venture with IMBA and Natural Lands Trust.

- Volunteer at French Creek and Blue Marsh Trail days. Dates TBA.

- Kids Programs-Take a Kid Mt Biking Day in October and other dates TBA.

- BAMBA Merchandise-Buy it, Wear it, Gift it Contact: Brian Holman 610-334- 2185

- Attend a Board Meeting, Present an idea and take the lead: Meetings second Tuesday of the month 7PM Canal St. Restaurant.

- Consider renewing BAMBA/IMBA membership online for $50 vs. $30
     Best deal includes IMBA socks and a magazine subscription.

- Ride and encourage others to ride!